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Contact Humberto Batista... phone (English spoken; voice mail messages are checked daily except Sundays)
  From within Oaxaca 516-0100
  From within Mexico 951-516-0100
  From outside Mexico 52-951-516-0100
  (To make an international call from most phones within the United States, first dial 001, followed by 52-951-516-0100) email

To send an email, please type the following address into your email application:

Email is checked at least twice a week. person

You are welcome to visit Humberto Batista’s studio in the Historic District of Oaxaca city.  It is located on Porfirio Diaz at #609A (on the west side of the street, between Jesús Carranza and Quetzalcoatl), as indicated by the red pointer on the MapQuest map below.

The red star on the map indicates the location of the zócalo, the center of Oaxaca.  The studio is one block west and five blocks north of the zócalo.  (You can find an interactive online map of the state of Oaxaca here.)

Oaxaca map

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